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Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment in Ghaziabad and Noida Extension | Ectopic Pregnancy – Medical & Surgical Management

A pregnancy is called “ectopic” when it grows outside the uterus, most commonly in the fallopian tube. Ectopic pregnancies are rare but serious, warranting immediate treatment. On average one out of every 50 women experience Ectopic Pregnancy in India.

A normal pregnancy is situated in the cavity of the uterus. Location of the pregnancy at any other location is termed as ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy can be located anywhere in your belly like in ovaries, cervix, previous cesarean scar etc. but the most common site of ectopic pregnancy is the fallopian tubes— that’s why it is also known as “tubal pregnancy.” This pregnancy, which is most commonly in the fallopian tubes can rupture and cause severe bleeding inside the abdomen, which can be life threatening. This is an emergency as the blood loss has to be replenished as well as the pregnancy and the tube has to be removed. Emergency surgery is required. If the pregnancy is not ruptured it can be removed by laparoscopy or open surgery. Dr. Shweta Mishra shall judge the case and manage the condition to provide the best possible outcome.

Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

In the very beginning, ectopic pregnancy seems like any other normal pregnancy, with typical symptoms like missed period, heaviness or tenderness in breasts, fatigue, and nausea. Symptoms peculiar to ectopic pregnancy include:

severe pain in lower belly, especially on one side, vaginal bleeding or spotting after missed periods , shoulder pain may be present ,sometimes feeling of weakness, dizziness, or fainting. If you have severe pain in your belly or bleeding after your missed periods, you should go to the hospital immediately. The earlier an ectopic pregnancy is diagnosed and treated, the safer you’ll be.

An ectopic pregnancy cannot survive for long because it is in an abnormal location where it can’t grow fully. If left untreated it can lead to the rupture of the adjoining tissue and ultimately grave complications.

Reason for ectopic pregnancy:

The exact reason why a woman specifically suffers from Ectopic Pregnancy is still unknown. Some of the reasons for Ectopic pregnancy are as follows-

  • Infections like pelvic inflammatory disease (chlamydia or gonorrhea) and tuberculosis can damage the mucosal lining of the tube
  • Previous tubal surgery (tuboplasty, fimbrioplasty) which can hamper normal movements of the tube.
  • Previous history of tubal ectopic pregnancy.
  • Previous pelvic surgeries which can cause adhesion

The treatment of ectopic pregnancy can be medical or surgical:

Diagnosis is made by questioning the patient on the risk factors, physical examination, vaginal ultrasound and laboratory findings, especially the serum BHCG levels.

Management of ectopics can be medical or surgical, depending on various factors. Depending on the size and the location of the Ectopic pregnancy, different treatments can be given. . We offer both treatment options depending on the case.

Medical management with methotrexate injections can be done in very early gestations, low BHCG values, unruptured stage. In medical management, the doctors give you methotrexate injection that ends the ongoing pregnancy. Multiple injection shots might be required at times to complete the procedure. The degenerated tissue is slowly absorbed. Medical management does not affect the fallopian tubes.

In surgical management, laparoscopy is the preferred option. Laparoscopic treatment is the mainstay of management in higher gestations, high B HCG , ruptured or unruptured. In this, a small cut is made near your belly button, and the pregnancy is removed completely using small surgical tools and camera. If your fallopian tube is found damages then it is also removed in the same sitting. Laparoscopic treatment is safe, cost-effective, with faster recovery postop.

We offer both laparoscopic salpigostomy -where we remove the pregnancy and repair the tube , and salpingectomy – where the tube is completely removed as it may be very damaged. Patients are counselled about the type of treatment they need and the management in the future for conception.

Patients who have one good functional tube can wait for a natural conception but a woman whose both tubes are damaged would need an IVF treatment for conceiving.


Ectopic Pregnancy is said to have when the egg attaches itself to anywhere outside (like fallopian tubes) the uterus. These are also called as the Tubular pregnancy. The symptoms of the pregnancy will have symptoms like missed period, vaginal bleeding, and belly pain. There are no chances of the survival of the baby as the pregnancy can’t survive outside the uterus.

Early Ectopic pregnancy can be managed by medicines like methotrexate. But if the Hcg levels are higher, then the surgery is the alternative. Laproscopy can be the treatment procedure as it involves a small incision and there will be no damage to the fallopian tubes.

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