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Best Pregnancy Care in Ghaziabad & Noida Extension | Antenatal Care

Pregnancy is like beginning of new things: hope, wonder, a dream of possibilities. Pregnancy is a blessing when a mother gives birth to a new life. Hence, a lot of care is required for the best start. All pregnancies are precious and we take extra efforts to make it more special.

Antenatal care or 'pregnancy care' is the healthcare and support you have while you’re pregnant. Also known as maternity or prenatal care, it is recommended that you visit us for access to this care as soon as you are pregnant. This is the only way to make sure that both you and your baby stay healthy since the very beginning and ensure a safe pregnancy. Regular prenatal visits can help your doctor monitor your pregnancy and identify any problems or complications before they become serious.

During these visits the doctor will:

  • check your health and the wellbeing of your baby
  • Provide you with some useful information so that can attain a healthy pregnancy and that involve exercise and healthy eating.
  • watch out for any problems so you can get support early
  • Do some routine tests that will indicate mother and child wellbeing.
  • Regular Sonography , Screening tests for genetic anomalies , anomaly scan and growth monitoring scans are recommended
  • Have regular visits with regular examinations. All pregnant women are given vaccinations as per guidelines
  • give you information about how to look after your health and your baby's
  • answer any questions you have
  • talking about special diet and exercise
  • help you plan your baby's birth.Discuss the choices and options for mother’s care during the pregnancy and birth.

Antenatal care ideally starts at least three months before you begin trying to conceive. Some healthy habits to follow during this period include:

  • quitting smoking and drinking alcohol
  • taking folic acid supplements daily (400 to 800 micrograms)
  • talking to your doctor about your medical conditions, dietary supplements, and any over-the-counter or prescription drugs that you take
  • avoiding all contact with toxic substances and chemicals at home or work that could be harmful
Antenatal Care appointments

Antenatal appointments or 'pregnancy appointments are spaced out through your pregnancy. Once you become pregnant, you’ll need to schedule regular healthcare appointments throughout each stage of your pregnancy.

A schedule of visits may involve seeing your doctor:

  • every month in the first six months you are pregnant
  • every two weeks in the seventh and eighth months you are pregnant
  • every week during your ninth month of pregnancy

The first antenatal appointment is known as the ‘booking appointment’. This usually happens between 8 and 12 weeks of your pregnancy.

1. First Trimester

I recommend that you have your first appointment between 5 – 10 weeks of pregnancy. Assessment about pregnancy will be made. You will be advised ultrasonography to ensure safe conception. You will be advised investigations to screen for chromosomal disorders like Down syndrome; as well as for your health assessment. I shall prescribe medicines for your pregnancy. Thereafter I shall be examining you every 4 weekly till 7th month of pregnancy, and more frequently thereafter.It is advised that you bring the papers of your previous pregnancy or surgery, if any, for most appropriate management.

2. Second Trimester

This period is easier for the patient than the first trimester. I shall be monitoring your weight gain, changes in your body due to the pregnancy and your baby’s development. Pregnancy related diseases are manifested in this period, hence this phase is of vital importance. I shall be prescribing medicines to fulfil your nutritional requirements. You will have to undergo anomaly screening sonography to ensure safety of your baby’s growth.

3. Third Trimester

Now you are a few months away from holding and caressing your little one. This is the most crucial period wherein I shall be examining you every fortnight. All your queries about labor and delivery shall be answered. I shall discuss with you about modes of delivery, painless labor, caesarean section and preparation for childbirth.

It’s important to stay as healthy as possible during pregnancy and during the postpartum period Dr Shweta Mishra offers child birth assistance services, where she recommends her patients to strictly follow the diet, exercise and take regular supplements as advised. During pregnancy, the mothers should not miss on their Folic acids. Mothers are also helped to take care of their physical activities like sitting and bending. Make sure that you exercise, have healthy eating habits, take adequate rest and follow your doctor's advice.

Get in touch with Dr. Shweta Mishra at her Crossings Republik, Ghaziabad (Crossings Republik Clinic Location & Direction) clinic for pregnancy care in Ghaziabad, or either at Amrapali Icon Leisure Valley, Greater Noida West (Noida Extension Clinic Location & Direction) clinic for pregnancy care in Noida Extension. Also, you could make a wellness appointment at any clinic location convenient to you.